The beginning and sin

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The beginning and sin

Postby LeGluttonCheryl » Fri May 26, 2017 7:50 pm

At the beginning:
Before Eve appeared, God and Adam were colaborers working together and conversing, delegating work to each other and seeing the world grow.
God created man intimately by placing His hands in the ground and blowing air into his lungs.
The Genesis story says that He placed Adam in the garden to work it and keep it.
This God is not distant and far removed in the Genesis story, but rather with Adam in his daily life.
"Our nearness to God entails working with Him in the ordinary stuff of life."
Throughout everything Adam and even went through, they were with God.

The story of sin:
For Adam and Even – yes, for us too – being with God is often not enough.
Rather, when the temptation comes to be like God in exchange for being with Him, often we take it.
We must ask ourselves, are we trusting God and allowing Him to define what is right and wrong, good and bad?
Or, would we like to make that decision ourselves?
The first couple wanted to do what we still want to do: put matters in our own hands.
But the reality of sin is that it is a cancer, a disease we are ridden with, which makes us desire ourselves and not God.
We are infected, and this infection has complicated the relationship between us and God.
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